Tradition is our strenght

The best extra virgin olive oil to enrich every dish and ensure that, between one dish and the next, all goes well. The finest flour, worked lovingly by skilful hands into a dough, to discover, mouthful by mouthful, what makes us who we are. Fresh fruit and vegetables, picked by those who have nurtured a dream for generations: to offer excellent food. A journey into the flavours of the south of Italy, in a Puglia rich in traditions and ancient tastes, guided by your love of food, dish after dish. A journey which, with unique fragrances, involves all your senses.

Manager Director

Aaron Rutigliano

“Who has had the opportunity to visit Puglia knows that hospitality and excellent food are its essential ingredients. A blend that makes every one of our dishes a unique experience, comparable to a veritable journey into taste. Starting with extra virgin olive oil, a product with an intense flavour which plays a starring role both in the kitchen and on the table; continuing with flours from the great Apulian Tableland from which countless types of pasta, breads and focaccia are made; and finally, the multicolour variety of fruit and vegetables, essential for preparing the most popular dishes. Specialties at the base of the Mediterranean diet, whose benefits are universally recognised and endorsed by chefs and gourmets all over the world. To these properties, we have added our unique touch, infusing them with the principles of aphrodisiac cuisine, offering warmth and pleasure to those living in a frenetic city such as London. Pleasure, imagination, aromas, flavours and colours: the skilful experimentation with “warm”, “windy” or “hard” foods such as truffles, beans, eggs, fish, cereals and spices. All linked to our culture and our origins. To make Gola Restaurant the ambassador of 100% Italian D.O.P. food abroad.”

Opening times


6.00 pm – 11.00 pm (dinner)

Tuesday – Friday

 12.00 pm – 3.00 pm (lunch)
6.00 pm – 11.00 pm (dinner)

Saturday – Sunday

12.00 pm – 11.00 pm

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+(44) 020 7751 0141

Reservations from noon

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