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What makes our cuisine unique is the passion that are chef devotes to the preparation of every single dish. Genuine ingredients sourced in Italy, to offer your palate the authentic flavours of our tradition. Unique flavours with aphrodisiac powers, able to tease your palate beyond imagination.

Chilli pepper – The most famous of all natural aphrodisiacs, thanks to its spicy taste; the ideal companion of many dishes.

Ginger – Thanks to its stimulating properties, it can be used both in pasta dishes and fish, and also in drinks.

Almonds – With their nourishing characteristics and shape reminiscent of a woman’s womb, they are extremely versatile: good in main courses and side dishes, excellent in many desserts.

Garlic – Rich in allicin, which increases blood flow, it is one of the most effective natural aphrodisiacs in the world.

Avocado – Thanks to its nourishing qualities, it gives the body great energy without weighing it down.

Saffron – Excellent in risotto and many desserts, it is said that Zeus lay in a saffron bed for his amorous encounters.

Asparagus – Rich in vitamin E, it stimulates male hormones and are thought to have propitiatory value for a new couple, to the extent that it is an essential ingredient in wedding breakfasts.

Oysters – Served raw with a lemon sauce or with pasta, they are the undisputed queens of aphrodisiac ingredients among shellfish.

Shellfish – From prawns to lobster, all shellfish are perfect for a romantic dinner.

Chocolate – Rich in endorphins, serotonin and caffeine, it represents an explosive mix in every dessert.

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