The Food
Are you looking for a real traditional Puglia food in London? Gola Restaurant offers the authentic Puglia food using ingredients direct from the South of Italy.

Try our home-made orecchiette pasta with braciole(veal rolls stuffed with pecorino cheese,pinenuts,garlic) and home-made spaghetti with clams palourde,baby octopus,baby rawns & cherry tomatoes.

One of our most famous dishes - Cacio e Pepe. The best in London with fresh ingredients and home made pasta.

Cacio e Pepe is a Roman pasta dish. "Cacio e Pepe" means "cheese and pepper" in certain Italian dialects. As the name suggest, the ingredients of the dish are very simple and include only black pepper and Pecorino Romano cheese. Cacio e pepe is typically made with a long, thin spaghetti, such as tonnarelli.
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